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Monitoring Banking Sector Fragility (BSF)
BSF2 Indexes for Individual Countries

This website presents the dataset produced in Kibritçioğlu's 2003 article entitled "Monitoring Banking Sector Fragility" (Arab Bank Review, 5/2: 51-66) which is downloadable at: EconPapers or EconWPA. To get the country-specific monthly BSF3 & BSF2 index numbers and related graphs in Excel format, please click on the name of the country in which you are interested below.

Banking Sector 
Fragility (BSF)
for Individual
To see the country-specific banking sector fragility index, please click on the name of the relevant country.
 North America
  Mexico (1983-2002)
 Central America
  Trinidad &Tobago (1965-2002) 
 South America
  Argentina (1982-2002)
  Bolivia (1965-2002)
  Brazil (1989-2002)
  Chile (1979-2002)
  Peru (1965-2002)
  Venezuela (1968-2002)
  Malta (1965-2002)
  Poland (1991-2002)
  Sweden (1971-2000)
  Turkey (1979-2002)
 Middle East
  Israel (1982-2002)
  Jordan (1977-2002)
  Turkey (1979-2002)
  Kenya (1969-2002)
  Indonesia (1981-2002)
  Japan (1968-2002)
  Malaysia (1965-2002)
  Pakistan (1965-2002)
  Philippines (1987-2002)
  South Korea (1968-2002)
  Thailand (1961-2002)

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